Los Apus Hotel & Mirador

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by ShannonBrooke on December 3, 2007

We were moved to Los Apus when our original hotel was overbooked for our last night. It was a more upscale hotel than where we had stayed before, but still firmly in the three star category. We ended up with a really interesting room! It was on two levels, with the desk and wardrobe on one level, a short set of stairs, and then the two single beds, and the bathroom. It was like a loft setup. It also had an interior window onto the hallway, which unfortunately faced an always-on hallway light. It was like being in a log cabin. But the room was small and difficult to navigate. We were only there for one night, and had arrived late at night from the Machu Picchu train. We were very tired and disappointed at having to change, so I freely admit that may have affected my opinion.
Los Apus Hotel & Mirador
Atocsaycuchi 515
Cusco, Peru


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