Space Needle

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Looks like something out of the Jetsons, it towers over 600 feet and can be seen from anywhere in Seattle. Built for the 1962 World's Fair still is a major attraction. Ascend up the glass elevator in seconds and have magnificant views of the city. There are two observatories, one outside and one inside. At the top you will see the skyline of the city including Safeco Field, the Olympic Mountains and Mt. Rainere, Puget Sound and the waterfront district, the lake area incuding Lake Victoria and Union and look straight down and see the Seattle Center.
You can eat lunch and dinner at the top and the admission is free. At the bottom of the needle is a gift shop ranging from T-shirts to fine art.

The needle is in the middle of the Seattle Center so there is lots to do. Stop in the Sicne Fiction Museum, or watch the eruption of Mt. St. Helen at the I-Max, The Center House has shops and restaurants and on the grounds are amusements like a county fair. Ready to go downtown, take the monorails for on $2.00.

You can spend as little time or a day in this area. It is great place for families because of the diversity of attractions. The cost is $16.00 for just the Space Needle but there are all kinds of packages you can purchase. Check the web-site and decide what would best fit your trip.
Space Needle
400 Broad Street (seattle Center)
Seattle, Washington, 98109
(206) 905-2111

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