Free (and Cheap) on the Strip

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by carolynann831 on November 29, 2007

We stayed on the north end of the strip across from the Sahara, where a roller coaster zooms by just above your head as you walk onto the property. Inside the Sahara is Nascar memorabilia and the Nascar Cafe. We took pictures in front of one of the cars. If you are into Nascar, this is a must free visit. Also on this end of the strip is the Stratosphere and Circus Circus with circus acts every half hour.

It helps to mentally divide the strip into three sections(north/middle/south.) Walk from here or use the monorail for fast transportation. Use the deuce bus for slow observation of the strip. You can do each for around $5 and both stop(or in this case, begin) at the Sahara.

Midstrip, walk inside Caesars Palace to the Forum Shops to see the talking statues and the Atlantis water show. And at the Venetian, the canal features gondalas that can be viewed outside while walking over a bridge leading into the Venetian. A few more steps, you're in front of the Mirage where a volcano errupts every 15 minutes. Standing on the sidewalk, we could feel the heat from the fire. Best viewing time--after dark!! Inside the Mirage is a tropical rainforest and a white tiger habitat. A little further south, you will enjoy a little European ambiance strolling in front of the Bellagio. Watch the Fountains from the sidewalk at the Bellagio. Then walk up toward the Bellagio entrance, turn around and take a picture of the Eiffel tower at Paris Las Vegas.(monorail station at Paris.) Once inside the Bellagio, visit the Botanical Gardens. When we were there, the garden was a beautiful autumn theme that was amazing and free to walk through.

South strip cluster starts at the MGM Grand(another monorail station.) Inside the MGM see the lions, descendants of the original MGM lion. Next to MGM is Showcase mall which features M&M World and Coca-Cola world.(I loved Coca-Cola world) Across the street is New York, New York with another roller coaster travelling over your head(and the Statue of Liberty's.) Then just south of that is Excalbur which looks like a medieval castle and is somewhat child friendly with a midway, and Sponge Bob and jousting shows. There is also a free tram here that will take you to the Luxor and Mandalay Bay. The Luxor,a pyramid with a light beam shooting from the top, is awesome to see at night and Mandalay Bay has the best pool with a real sand beach. You have to come here just to see the pool area. We spent a lot of time at the Mandalay because it hosted PBR(bullriders) fan zone(also free).

Throughout the strip, in every nook and cranny you'll find shopping!! Also everywhere was one of my favorite free things, the desert mountains surrounding Vegas, viewed from the strip are an ecclectic beautiful merging of modern and natural wonders.
Las Vegas Strip
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