Pennyfarthing Guest House

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by barbara on November 26, 2007

The second time I ever went to Dover, I was really only looking for a place to sleep as we were taking the ferry to France in the morning. An English bed-and-breakfast can be a wonderful alternative to a hotel... especially if you're on a budget. They vary widely in quality and price, so you need to do your research to find a good one for you. After reading several positive reviews, I settled on the Pennyfarthing Guest House because it is located only five minutes from the ports, and it offers reasonably priced family rooms.

As we drove down Maison Dieu Road where this B&B is located, we couldn't help but notice Dover Castle lit up on its white hill with a full moon dangling in the sky above it.

Going through stained glass doors, we entered the lobby of the Pennyfarthing where a reception area is located. An old-fashioned bicycle like the one found on the B & B's sign was leaning against a wall. We rang a bell for the proprietor, and she emerged from a door marked "private", all smiles and welcome. A delightful lady, she showed us upstairs to our spacious room while explaining that she sees a lot of other Americans who flood into Dover from cruise ships. She also mentioned that the B & B closes for part of the winter. We settled the bill so that we could get up and go to our ferry without worry in the morning. We also had the opportunity to add breakfast, but since this wasn't served until 7:30 AM, we knew we'd have to skip this. Then she left us with two keys: one to the house and one to our room.

What was the room like? The carpet is all flowers. The lamps have lace shades. The bathroom has an avocado toilet and sink by the shower. The drapes are heavy. The wood is dark. The tiny TV has bunny ears to help with the reception of just three channels. YET it all worked here. I mean, this decor would be extremely outdated in a hotel, but in this high-ceilinged Victorian townhouse with its friendly English hostess? I liked it. There was an element of "comfy home" to be had. Plus, the beds were really comfortable and all was clean. (There was one double for the parents and two singles to accommodate kids.)

My husband started the kettle to make us tea while my son scarfed down the complimentary biscuits. I noticed a sign that said you could order a basic ham and cheese sandwich or get a coke for a small fee before 9 PM from the kitchen.

While it was plenty warm, I found extra blankets and pillows in a wardrobe. We settled into our beds and watched a late-night talk show, content and cozy.

Cost? You can get a single here for as low as £20. Our bill for the family room with 3 guests was £52 in November 2007.

Penny Farthing Guest House
109 Maison Dieu Road
Dover, England, CT16 1RT
+44 1304 20 55 63

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