The Forum Shops

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Rockyhorror1978 on November 25, 2007

This is a very cool mall to walk around... even if it will take 3 years salary to buy anything. Featuring a Roman theme, the forum shops are an extension of Caesar's Palace. The theme is carried through the Mall perfectly. No detail has been left unnoticed including a cloudy sky that adorns the roof of the mall.

There are a few cool attractions at the Forum shops that we really enjoyed. This first is the talking statues in the centre of the shops. These are good campy fun. The statues talk and move about. They seem a bit dated as they are probably part of the original forum shops and not part of the additions. The second attraction is the F.A.O. Schwartz Trojan horse. In front of the store is a massive Trojan horse that you can go into. Both my boyfriend and I thought it was a highlight of the mall. The final attraction was the Atlantis Fish Aquarium. While it is probably not as impressive as the one at Mandalay Bay, it is definately the most elaborate aquarium to be found in a mall.

If you look online before leaving, you can get a VIP booklet that features coupons for discounts on the boutiques and a free gift.
The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace
3500 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109
(702) 893-4800

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