Snorkeling in Malapascua

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by manlalakbay on November 21, 2007

The best time to snorkel would be in the morning when the waters around the island are much calmer. However, we only had the afternoon to snorkel since we were leaving for Bantayan the next day. I have been to many beaches and island before, and boatmen would usually refuse to take people around during strong currents, but Andy was kind enough to allow us some time to rest before we snorkeled.

By 2PM, we were off to our first stop. Obviously named Coral Reefs. We got into our snorkeling gear and observed the fishes. The place was actually teeming with corals, but there were a lot of broken ones, where the anchors of tourist boats must have hit. It was a little painful to see, but I really didn’t know how to help with that one.

Anyway, there were a lot of fish and still an abundance of corals. Brain and fan corals were abound. And some others I don’t know the names too. Some starfish and sea urchins and lots of silvery fish. There were a lot of varieties, which some can be found in the Finding Nemo cartoon. Including Nemo himself.

After a while, we proceeded to the shipwreck site. Andy informed us only the skeleton of the boat was left, but due to dynamite fishing, it destroyed most of the ship. It was almost 4PM, and the rains were coming which made the water less clear and more eerie. We could see the hull of the ship, like wishbones of a chicken. Corals were growing from them already. While the marine life were not as plenty, they were more interesting. We saw one that looked like a sea horse, another fish which looked like a rock. There were also more soft corals in this side of the island.

Our last stop, I forgot the name to. But it was a small rocky outcropping, that was more famous for a crevice that snorkelers can go through. I was one of the first to go down, but I had some encounter with small jellyfish that was very, very itchy! So while the rest of the gang went through, I was left behind with Miah who wasn’t too confident swimming with the strong current. It was already 5PM and the rains were coming so swimming was much more difficult this time. When we finally both had our bearings, we went on to follow the rest who already succeeded in passing the crevice. Ray was kind enough to take the two of us again. It must be beautiful on a calmer current since the water around the area was bright blue and the sand below visible, while the area exposed to the wind was murky and choppy. Miah and I made it and were quite proud of ourselves. We decided not to linger over the corals anymore since it was getting late. The snorkeling afternoon was an A+, definitely worth the money we paid for.
Snorkeling in Malapascua

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