Sunset at Mallory Square

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by catronma on November 11, 2007

My husband and I are not really sit and watch the sunset people but his father insisted we go check it out so we did. Before the sunset the whole square is a mini circus. Performers gather and will give you everything from a dog on a tight rope to the traditional robot mannequin. All of course expect tips for their skills but for the change in your pocket you can get a wide variety of entertainment.As for the sunset it gets crowded around the edge, so much so that if you want a picture you either should find your place more than an hour ahead of time or resort to holding your camera in the air and snapping away. Given the crowd this is not the place for a romantic sunset this is a check the box I've seen it kind of spot. Try going by the cruise ships or on a sunset cruise if you want a better view or less people.I found it a bit anti climatic but like I said I am not a sunset person.
Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square
1 Whitehead Street, Mallory Square
Key West, Florida, 33040
(305) 296-4557

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