WorldMark Marama at Marama Resort

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by LuvscoutII on November 8, 2007

We stayed at this resort for two weeks as our base of operations. The grounds are beautiful and the condo is very nice and efficient with all that you could need. We stayed in the regular two-bedroom which was right on the channel. The porch is so nice to sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere. Quite often though ducks, swans or other birds will come by and hope for a handout, but it wasn't bad.
It wasn't all that warm since it was the end of their winter beginning of their springtime although; it doesn't get all that warm anyway. The condo doesn't have built-in heating so they had portable electric heaters (two in the living room, one was a portable almost radiator type and one in each bedroom upstairs) but they really heat up the place very well. The beds all have electric blankets to keep you warm and cozy all night long.
The kitchen was very efficient and had all the necessities, plus a regular coffee maker. (Ground/drip coffee is not popular and I couldn't find it available at most cafes.) The stove was different than ours in the US and we had to read the manual to figure it out, but it worked out just fine. Some of the appliances were in other cupboards so we had to look around to find it all, but everything you could need was there. There was a big storage area under the stairs which had the cleaning & ironing stuff along with some extra blankets. The only downside I thought was that there wasn't a bathroom downstairs in the standard two-bedroom. The master bedroom was nice with the usual. The bed though wasn't a king and only a queen, but it was comfortable. It was on the channel side with a beautiful view outside. The second bedroom was on the opposite side by the entryway and had two twin beds. The bathroom was in the middle and was good sized with a glass shower in one corner and the sink was opposite that with a stackable washer and dryer next to it opposite the toilet. The washer model we had was in English and the dryer was another language which we were guessing was maybe German, but it was easy to figure it out. There was a skylight in the bathroom so in the mornings it was quite bright. My favorite thing about the bathroom was the towel warmer.
The pool was covered the whole time we were there but it rained off and on as was the hot-tub. However, you could just uncover the hot-tub and it was all set to go. The rec room and gym seemed very nice but we didn't spend any time there. They had a nice tennis court and some people were using it.
The resort was about 14 kilometers from central Rotorua so it really made it necessary in our opinions to have a car.
Worldmark Marama Resort
1420 Hamurana Road
Rotorua, New Zealand

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