Old Faithful Geyser

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Yellowstone National Park is apparently the home of over 50% of the known geothermal features on this planet. I know a geyser when I see one, but I could not tell you accurately what triggers this natural phenomenon or why they are in such abundance at this park. It all has something to do with volcanic activity and abundant surface water.

The most famous of the geysers is Old Faithful Geyser. This geyser is the star, the demigod, the mack daddy of all geysers in Yellowstone National Park. Just like clockwork, it erupts roughly every 90 minutes or so which equates to about 15 eruptions per day. The geyser is located in the Upper Geyser basin, just outside the Old Faithful Inn.

The eruptions can last from 2 to 5 minutes, projecting hot water up 200 feet. You may have seen the commercial on TV in which a park ranger pours a glass of Metamucil into Old Faithful to help the geyser stay regular. Yeah, we should all be so regular! Ha!

There are benches about 200 feet away around the geyser and there always seemed to be a fairly large gathering in time for the eruptions. I was lucky to catch this natural phenomenon in two occasions.
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