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This is stop #2 of my quest to see a game in all 30 MLB ballparks. I arrived via the CTA Brown Line (the El train) among the masses of Cub fans.

The Chicago Cubs are considered one of the storied baseball franchises, along with the Yankees and Red Sox. One thing I really have to say is that the Cubbie fans, even though it'll be at least 100 years since their last World Series Win in 1918, the fans are very loyal and enthusiastic. From young kids, to college students, to the seniors who have undoubtedly been Cub fans for generations, all headed towards the entry gates into Wrigley. You can definitely feel the excitement in the air.

In a city like Chicago where public transportation is readily available via bus and train, there really aren't any parking lots for Wrigley Field. There are a few private parking lots, but that's about it.

There are all sorts of activities right outside Wrigley Field before the game. Vendors selling Chicago Cubs attire and paraphernalia, people taking pictures, fans shouting for extra tickets, people frequenting the bars and restaurants surrounding Wrigley Field.

I already purchased my ticket earlier, and once inside the ballpark, things calmed down. I was able to find my seat quickly. Unfortunately it was behind a support column. I had Section 218, Row 8, Seat 1. Seat 1 is behind a foot wide steel support beam. I had forgotten that Wrigley is an older ballpark with support columns. No wonder my ticket was so cheap. Once the game started, I was able to move a few seats over to an empty seat and had an excellent view!

Being an older ballpark, Wrigley Field doesn't have digital billboards or banners, no jumbotron for replays and advertisements. There was a manually operated scoreboard, where workers peered behind the openings that the hit and run placards were hung. The only thing automated was the ball, strike, and out counter. In this day and age, while manual scoreboards appear hokey and outdated, this was definitely the charm of Wrigley Field.

The entire ballpark is an experience in itself. While some of the concession stands are run by large food service companies, there were a few independently run food stands, which adds to the charm and appeal. There are also the walking vendors, who peddle beer, hot dogs, pretzels, ice cream, soft drinks, and all sorts of other goods in the stands.

Across the outfield, the property owners of the apartment buildings across the street erected bleachers and some billboard advertising. I chuckled at that, but it's still part of the charm behind this beloved ol' ballpark.

The Cubs won against the Pittsburgh Pirates today. One of the fun things to do after the game is to goto the bars and restaurants across from Wrigley and celebrate with the rest of the fans. Whether you're a baseball fan or not, a Cubbie game at historical Wrigley Field is a must do in Chicago!
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