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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by willowdell on October 8, 2007

We arrived a bit before check-in time and were told to relax a bit until the room was ready. It was around lunchtime so we ate at La Palapas - the on-site restaurant. When we were finished we re-checked at the desk and a room was ready. The bellboy followed us up to the room and it turns out that we were the not-so-happy owners of a room that faced the new concrete skyscraper next-door with a nice little green fuzzy pool of water on the ground. We would be living in this room for 8 nights, and weren't happy with it. We went directly back down to the desk and explained our case. We only had to wait about 10 minutes and another room was ready. This room had a view of the little "village" which overlooked the pool and beach. It was very nice. No hard feelings - they were very nice about changing rooms for us. The accommodations were exactly the same as we remembered - very nice. When we didn't have any warm water the second night it did make us recall that this happened the first time several times as well. We're not sure why, but when we called down to the desk to report it, they said it should be fine in several hours! We weren't very happy about that as we'd have liked to take showers before dinner. The daily maid service was excellent, but not timely, so we never knew when our room was going to be made up. If you decide to sleep in or have a late lunch, housekeeping will hang a sign on your door saying they only offer housekeeping until 4pm. One warning that we forgot to mention the first trip is that the beds are considerably shorter than in the U.S. My husband is over six feet tall and his poor feet dangle over the edge. I thought it was pretty funny, but, alas, he did not. Another noteworthy tip is to buy laundry detergent when you go shopping. Free laundry room privileges are included in your stay, but detergent is not provided.

There were only two noticeable differences from last year. Felix, who runs the games and sports program at the pool, was only provided with 8 free drink tickets per day. Last year he had an almost unlimited amount to give out as prizes for winning the games. This was a very welcome refreshment after playing water polo or pool volleyball. We were a bit disappointed that he was limited in the number he could give out this year. He said that the management has changed their policy on this lately. The other main difference is that now the resort has a mexican party once a week. It was about $50 per person and included the buffet, unlimited drinks and entertainment. It was an excellent experience.
Fiesta Americana Cancun
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