Free Stargazing on Haleakala Summit

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by LinakaJoy on September 7, 2007

Many people enjoy nightlife on Maui inside; here is a wonderful alternative. Head up in the late afternoon or early evening to the summit at Haleakala. This is the area where the observatories are darker and more stars visible, especially on clear nights. There is a bit of a risk involved since you never know about weather, alto afternoon winds can usually blow off the clouds. If you are nearby in Kahului, north shore or upcountry, and have a nice dinner around sunset, you could perhaps check local weather, OR look up - if you see no clouds and clear sailing all the way up the slopes - go for it! Haleakala summit is a must-do on Maui whether for sunrise, sunset, or star gazing. The drive up or down is a slow one; but the road is in good shape - paved, clearly marked, glow in the dark markers, guard rails on most sections; just no shoulders on some of the really twisty parts. We have driven up and down at 3am, midnight, 10am, clouds, fog, rain, and clear conditions. Be aware there is loose livestock in some sections, so watch for cows meandering across the road.  

Dress warm; it can be 30 degrees or colder with wind; bring water, snacks, hot beverages in thermos. Gas up; check your brakes; use low gear if your car allows; stay alert; and go slow. Actually we love the changing vistas, and the quality of the air as you descend at night. Depending on the timing, we also love to stop at Kula Lodge for a drink, great coffee, or a hot cocoa by the fireplace. It’s a wonderful topper to a summit adventure, day or night.

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