Canyon Meadows Cinemas

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by slowmover on August 16, 2007

One of Calgary's few and far between CHEAP MOVIE places!

Currently it costs $3 for a matinee and $5 in the evening to see a not-quite-brand-new movie. Canyon Meadows is typical of the cheap theatres, catching movies as they move out of the cinemas and onto the video store shelves. If you want to see something on the big screen, this is the place.

There are nine different shows playing every afternoon at the moment. A few more are rotated through in the evening. Ten screens in all, decent pictures and sound, rooms a comfortable size - not that mega, vertigo-inducing experience of the jumbo cinemas down the road. This independent cinema has comfortable seating, a fully stocked concession (where they make their money - and who can blame them?), and air conditioning, all the usual theatre comforts.

Its address might mystify you. The theatre is in a little shopping centre on Lake Fraser Drive SE. This is a street running parallel to Macleod Trail, on the east side, for about six long blocks. To get there by C-Train, take the southern route and get off at Canyon Meadows. Walk about 500 yards or so to the south (toward the big Agrium office building - the theatres are just south of it). By car, you can get onto Lake Fraser Drive SE in one of two ways. From the north or south on Macleod Trail S, turn to the east on Lake Fraser Gate SE, at the traffic lights, and then turn right (south) and drive to the big parking lot on the right. You're there. Coming from the east or west on Canyon Meadows Drive, turn north at the lights for Lake Fraser Drive SE. It's just east of Macleod Trail S. Remember, downtown is to the north, and the mountains are to the west.

There is usually adequate parking, but beware when you enter - people have a bad habit of dropping off passengers in the most inconvenient places. Like everywhere in Calgary is, this is a smoke free theatre. Visitors from the UK may be surprised to find out that you cannot reserve seating in Canadian cinemas. It's first come, first served. No one comes round with tasty snacks, either. You have to go to the concession and get them for yourself.

Canyon Meadows Cinema - best value for movies in Calgary by far. Please buy your snacks there no matter the price, and keep this place in business - they're my local movie house and I don't want to have to find another one.

(I am 100% independent of Canyon Meadows Cinemas, by the way).
Canyon Meadows Cinemas
Bay 110,
Calgary, Alberta

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