Grauman's Chinese Theatre

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The Grauman’s Chinese Theatre was the inspiration of Sid Grauman. The Theatre was designed after a traditional Chinese Theatre and several items were brought from China for authenticity and had to undergo authorization from the US Government in order to be imported. The Theatre opened in May of 1927 and has been a historical Hollywood landmark ever since.

Well known for Hollywood tradition the Theatre has hosted several movies premieres and even a few of the Academy Awards. The fore court of the theatre has nearly 200 autographs with the hand and foot prints in cement of old and new stars. Roy Rogers’s prints also include imprints from his horse Trigger. Marilyn Monroe tried leaving an earring embedded into the cement by her prints but thieves found a way to remove it.

We took the tour of the theatre and were disappointed at the door when they told us to put away our cameras. The guide showed us all of the interesting history associated with the lobby and then took us into the main theatre. The theatre was dark and wasn’t very grand but had some interesting parts. When we were in the theatre area the guide told us that we could take pictures. I was a little confused but then decided maybe they didn’t want us taking pictures of the lobby.

The guide took us over to the new theatres and took us to the VIP room. The room was secluded from the rest of the theatre and nearly everything in this room was a vibrant red color. The VIP room reminded me of an eccentric bachelor pad. Our guide told us how several celebrities have hidden in that room to escape all of their excited fans.

The Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is definitely a place that you have to see when you’re in Hollywood. It is a montage of history and Hollywood culture. Other than the forecourt being a little crowded it’s was fun to see the old and new celebrity prints in front of the Theatre. The tour of the Theatre was enjoyable and our guide made it very interesting. I would suggest doing the tour at least once in your life time because I think you’ll find its history fascinating.
Grauman's Chinese Theatre
6925 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, California
(323) 464-8111

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