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One way to beat the miserable NC heat and enjoy one of the summer block buster movies is to view a movie at the Discovery Place IMAX Dome.

All About IMAX

IMAX brings a unique and totally-immerseible movie viewing through its use of the most modern and updated technology out there. Over 700 million people worldwide have had the opportunity to experience the IMAX vision live through IMAX, IMAX Dome, and IMAX 3-D. Today there are over 280 IMAX theaters in over 40 counties. The IMAX Theater is usually attached to state of the art museums (usually a science museum), planetariums, and zoos.

The IMAX cooperation uses 15-per perforation, 70 mm film making it the world’s largest commercial film. It works on a rolling loop action. 16 amplifiers produce more than 12,000 watts of power. The IMAX screens are 4500 times larger than your average TV. The IMAX and IMAX 3-D flat screen are up to 8 stories high. Because the film fills up the entire screen it makes you fill in the middle of the action. The IMAX Domes offer up larger than life images that inundate you from every angle. You feel as if you’re in the middle of the movie set.

IMAX first began by making and showing educational films such as Coral Reef Adventure, Everest, Galapagos, and Sharks. But eventually in order to bring movie fans a much more movie going experience the company began to work with movie producers in order to work with IMAX Technology. Today movies such as Harry Potter, 300, Polar Express, and Spiderman bring movie fans a movie in a way that has never been experienced before. And it seems to be working as Harry Potter IMAX is breaking all kinds of record for the Harry Potter films.

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Discovery Place
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