Grand Central Terminal

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While walking along 42nd Street, it's hard not to stop and look at awe at the architecture that is Grand Central Station. Stretching from Vanderbilt Avenue all the way down to Lexington Avenue, this monster of a building is filled with some of New York's coolest sights.

On any given day, you can get lost in the crowds of the main hall of the terminal, so keep your wits about you, especially if you are visiting it during the week and catch it at rush hour; it's nuts. But there is so much to do and try that Grand Central alone could keep you occupied most of the day.

Now, there is an old superstition that if two people, standing on opposite diagonal corners, and speak in normal voices, you can hear each other perfectly. The only problem with this is that the main hall is never empty enough to even hear your own thoughts, let alone a person speaking from across the hall. The best time to try it out would be at like 3am when no one is around, but the hall is closed. I guess we’ll never really know, but it's cool to think about it.

There is also, in the main hall, up on the ceiling, near the Vanderbilt entrance, a brick from when the building was first erected. Well all of the bricks are original, but this one has never been cleaned or re-painted so as to show the transformation of the building. It's a pretty unique sight and the color difference is amazing. Check it out.

Back to the building though. Besides the main hall and its shops, there is plenty to see in the rest of the building. In the basement for instance, there is a plethora of restaurants that offer everything from American cuisine to Indian and everything in between. The lines here get pretty freaking long fast, so either come before 11:30am or after 1pm (the lunch rush) and you should be alright. Now finding seating while down here is a whole other story. An available seat is like a credit card with no interest ever; it just doesn't happen. So you will either be eating your food standing or you will head somewhere else. The area surrounding Grand Central has so much to offer, that going hungry here is impossible. So, while walking humbly down 42nd Street, Grand Central should be a stop of yours just for its sheer beauty. But, if the architecture outside doesn’t grab your attention, the hoards of people entering and exiting the building should. The crowds are unbelievable, so keep your wallet in a safe place; pick pockets love crowds, beware. But enjoy!
Grand Central Terminal
87 E 42nd St
New York, New York
(212) 340-2210

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