Grand Canyon West

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by scientistseeking on July 29, 2007

Grand Canyon West is part of the Hualapai American Indian Tribal Lands and is about three hours west of Grand Canyon National Park. Getting there is pretty easy, except there is a 14-mile dirt road leading to the park. Be prepared for a bumpy ride.

Grand Canyon West is where the new Skywalk over the canyon was built. However, the park wanted close to $80 to walk on it. Let me tell you, the Skywalk is a complete waste of time and money. I did not walk on it, (I wasn't going to pay that kind of money) but I stood near it. It is not nearly as amazing as it seems in photos. Besides, it is also quite small. The views are exactly the same right next to it, for a whole lot less money.

Since the park is private, you have to pay to see the canyon. I got the cheapest package which was $30. It included a bus ride to 'the best view' and lunch. I was happy with it. The views were really nice, and you could take all the time you wanted to walk around and explore. The lunch was pretty standard barbecue food.

It is hot! On July 13, 2007 it was about 110 degrees F. Make sure you bring a lot of water. I suggest a hydration backpack, it holds 2 liters and frees your hands. Drink water all the time or else you will regret it later when you have a killer headache from dehydration. Also, don't forget sunscreen. I saw too many lobsters walking back to the bus after a day in the sun.

The park offered plane and helicopter rides over the canyon. I just didn't see the point of it. I prefer to see my sights from the edge of a rock.

Grand Canyon West would be great for lone travelers, couples, families, and people of all ages. I wouldn't recommend it for hard-core hikers or people who have already been to Grand Canyon National Park (as the views there are more dramatic).
Grand Canyon West (Grand Canyon Skywalk)
Pierce Ferry Road To Diamond Bar Road
Peach Springs, AZ, 89146
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