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This church in Milan is one of the largest in the world and took just over 500 years to complete. The inside of the cathedral is a sight to behold for there are hundreds of statues and gargoyles. It is hard to describe this cathedral in words - it is so ornate and beautiful that you are at a loss for words.

You can climb (250 steps) or ride to the roof in which the view is absolutely stunning. Take the stairs to get more of the experience and when you get to the top, it'll be worth the strenuous effort!

Getting to the Duomo is easy for it is accessible by two metro lines (Lines M1 and M3, stop Duomo). From there, it is a simple short walk. Metro tickets cost €1 apiece. The cathedral is open daily from 7am to 7pm whereas the roof is open from 9am to 5:45pm. The stairs are cheap (€4) whereas the elevator cost a bit more (€6).

Tip: Please dress appropriately and make sure your shoulders are covered and that you do not show your knees.

Milan Cathedral (Duomo)
Piazza Del Duomo
Milan, Lombardy


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