Bryant Park

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Located halfway between Times Square and Grand Central Station, Bryant Park ( is a perfectly situated midtown park. Used year round primarily as a lunch room by executives from the surrounding neighborhood, this park is more than just that. The front of the park hosts the prestigous New York City Public Library building and the sides are full of small promenades, a sandwich shop and the famous Byrant Park Grill and Cafe.

The large lawn in the center of the park is also the host of the 2007 HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival. Here, a large screen is erected and classic movies are played from 6pm until around 8pm or so (depending on the movie). People are encouraged to bring blankets, food, drinks (non-alcoholic of course) and a desire to see a great movie. With the HBO headquarters right around the block, this festival is perfectly fitting considering the location.

The Byrant Park Grill and Cafe are places I wouldn't generally suggest going to because the prices are just astronomical. The better bet would be to leave the park and go to one of the surrounding restaurants or delis and bring food back to the park. There are plenty of free seats and tables that you can park yourself at to eat or just relax if the day is starting to weigh down on you.

Another drawing aspect of Bryant park is the Good Morning America Concert Series. Each Friday throughout the summer, they host their morning talk show from the park and then finish things off with a free show from some of the top acts around. The park also offers free classes like yoga, knitting, tai-chi, and an assortment of others. Just head to the website and see whats happening, there's always something.
Bryant Park
500 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York, 10110
(212) 768-4242

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