The Mall

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After coming round the back of the Capitol Building while Congress was supposedly in session (they are only really in session from Tuesday to Thursday in the summer because they take the weekends off), we were looking out over the never-ending green pasture towards the Washington Monument.

While coming down towards the grass, we saw that the road was shutdown because the police were rehearsing their motorcycle techniques up and down the street. It was kind of cool to see these guys going slowly through a maze of cones up and down the street.

As we made our way down the Mall, we were trying to decide which museum to go into, since there are something like 30 different museums on the three-mile strip. The Air and Space Museum has always been a popular choice for my brother and I, but we decided to go the Holocaust Museum near the Obelisk. But, outside the Air and Space Museum and farther along the road were signs representing the to-scale-model of where the planets of our solar system lay in relation to the Sun. It was kind of cool to walk down the Mall and constantly see a new sign giving the information of the planet and the distance from the Sun. It was really cool and made me again want to see the museum. It's definitely worth the trek.

At the end of the Mall, after the Holocaust Museum, we walked in front of the Obelisk (avoiding the long lines of people awaiting their ascension to the top viewing area of the monument) and back along the other side of the Mall towards the Capitol Building, and eventually home. But the walk is great and totally worth it, since the culture and experiences are second to none. The Mall is a must-do/-see while in D.C., no matter what your plans are. Enjoy!
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