The Historic French Market Inn

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by DanCinOC on July 13, 2007

This historic building is located on the outer area of the French Quarter, a short walking distance from the Mississippi River. For a traveler that wants to be near the activities of Bourbon Street, but away from that to rest, this is the perfect location. It is also a charming hotel for someone who can give up the luxury of the more popular chain hotels and stay at a hotel in a more cozy room. The walls are brick, the floors are lopsided, the hallways are narrow and the fixtures show their age. Some of the inner rooms apparently have no windows. This hotel, which appears to be made up of a few buildings, also has a couple of beautiful, yet simple, courtyards. One feels as if they have almost stepped back into time with the brick walls and patio floors, the vines growing up the sides of the buildings, and the sounds of water flowing from two different fountains that drowned out any street traffic.

Yet with an old hotel, you give up a certain amount of luxury and service. Upon checking in, the person was friendly, but as the days wore on, she appeared less concerned about the hotel guests. More often than not, we would return to the hotel and she would be on the phone or on the computer, never looking up to acknowledge the people coming in. That was a shame because the southern hospitality, as I have come to expect, was void from this particular woman. I found it also disturbing, while waiting for the elevator, hearing her on what sounded like a personal phone call, complaining about the guests and staff.

The second floor rooms on the street side had balconies. Unfortunately, while the doors opened onto the balcony, we were told we were not allowed out there. No explanation regarding a safety issue, or any other reason for the denied access but just one sarcastic word was offered when asked: “Sorry.” When asked about the room safe in the closet, two extra words were given: “They don’t work.”

While one person can do this much damage to the image of a hotel, the woman who greeted us as we checked out was completely different. She was personable, helpful, and expressed her appreciation for us choosing this establishment. She recommended a restaurant to go to while waiting for our airport shuttle and even called the shuttle company on our behalf (without even being asked) to find out why they were late. While one person could not be bothered to look up as we returned throughout the day, another thanked us for spending our time at their accommodations.

Would I choose this hotel again? There are certainly a lot of choices throughout the area. I would love to stay somewhere else to enjoy the variety the city has to offer. But I would certainly consider it for a future visit.
Historic French Market Hotel
501 Rue Decatur
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70130
(888) 538-5651

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