Kings Head Inn

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Kings Head Inn is a period restaurant at Kings Landing Historical Settlement. They had a wide variety of 19th century food. It was the middle of the afternoon, so we were just looking for a snack.

The kids selected the Ploughman’s Pocket ($13.95) to share. The Ploughman’s Pocket was like a chicken pot pie made in a puff pastry crust. It came with fried potatoes, the vegetable of the day (peas), tea or coffee, and a small glass of New Brunswick apple cider. It was all made on site and was really good. The waitress kindly split the order into two plates for us and substituted the cup of coffee or tea with a second glass of cider.

Mom and I got a basket of bread ($3.95). It was snack time and we figured the kids wouldn't eat as much of their meal as they did. The basket of bread included 2 biscuits, 4 slices of brown bread, and several round slices of other bread varieties. It was all very tasty and fresh. Nothing beats warm bread with butter!

The baby sat in a period style high chair. It was very interesting because it did not have a tray, or in fact any way to hold him in. Instead we were brought an apron to tie around him and hold him in place. It worked fine for the almost 2 year old who was interested in getting lots of food, but it wouldn’t be so good if the kid was more interested in getting down than eating.

The fruit crisp of the day was rhubarb. Other menu items included fish cakes, soups, salmon chowder. Prices ranged from about $4 for soup to $15 for full meals.

The tables were wooden and set with 2 forks (with 3 tines), soup spoon, teaspoon, knife, bread plates, and linen napkins. The room we were in only had 4 tables (3 sat 4 people, 1 sat 2).

There was an outdoor eating area. There is also a banquet room. On special occasions (Father’s Day, Thanksgiving and others) they have large feasts. They also host weddings.

They sell cookbooks that include all the recipes used at the Kings Head Inn in the gift shop.
King's Head Inn
20 Kings Landing Road
Fredericton, New Brunswick, E6K 3W3
(506) 363-4999

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