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When I mentioned ‘shopping’ to friends in Bangkok, they inevitably said MBK. I had no idea what this meant until I visited the MBK Center, an enormous 8-storey marble mall opened in 1985, and one of the biggest shopping malls in Asia.

The center provides over 2,000 stores and services, over 150 eating establishments and a large cinema city. Shopping here, you'll find a variety of negotiable products including clothes, cosmetics, leathered items, jewelry, electronics, information technology products, furniture, restaurants, supermarket, theaters, karaoke, and a 4-storey Tokyu department store.

Bustling MBK is apparently the heart of Bangkok’s better discount shopping. You can buy small or buy wholesale. Some of the nicest items are to be found in the home decoration area – cushion covers, backrests, tablecloths, and sumptuous bedspreads. I suggest you could grab a signature fold-up Thai mattress that stacks up as a pyramid-shaped cushion for the living room floor.

Due to its size, MBK Center has become one of the most recognizable buildings in Bangkok. Since the mall is situated on one of the busiest corners and is the first of the major shopping centers laid along Rama 1/ Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 's main shopping street, this is often the first point of a shoppers' journey.

Nowadays, MBK Center daily supports over 105,000 customers including 30,000 tourists from all around the world. It's considered to be the most visited mall in Thailand and I can readily believe that. While shopping in MBK, if you don't like the price, then you can bargain with the seller. Sometimes this works, but its better when you speak Thai.

MBK Center has 8 floors. The floors are loosely divided as follows:
1st – 3rd Floor: Clothes, Cosmetics, Shoes, Jewelries, Leather items, Accessories, Paintings, Photo studios, Hair Salons, etc.
4th Floor: Mobile phones and accessories, Communication equipments, Walkman, CD and MP3 players, Electronics
5th Floor: International Food Court, Restaurants, Furniture
6th Floor: Souvenir shops, Food center
7th – 8th Floor: Entertainment complex, containing 8 movie theatres, 28 bowling lanes, Karaoke options, and food and drinks.

The Tokyu Department Store, is located at the north end of the MBK building, which has a linkage with the Skyrail. Tokyu is a modern 4-storey Japanese department store providing household accessories and brand name products.

MBK has a Tourist Discount card that is well worth having. To get one you need to present your passport and fill in a form at the tourist information counters on the ground floor. Once you have the card you can get up to 30% discount at a range of stores in the center. 25 food and beverage outlets offer between 5% and 15% discount while the best 30% discount is at Beautiful Optical on the 7th floor. You can visit www.mbk-center.co.th for further information.
MBK Center (Mah Boon Krong)
444 Phayathai Road
Bangkok, Thailand
+66 2620-9000


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