Artemis Garden Restaurant

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by MichaelJM on June 29, 2007

For some reason I had been reluctant to try this restaurant, but tonight was a bit 'blowy' and it seemed to offer a little more protection from the wind whilst still allowing us to enjoy the outdoors. I am afraid we confused our waiter to begin with as I wanted a litre of water and then sought clarification of the ambient temperature of the red wine. I was not too happy with the response ‘it’s not too hot nor cold’ so he disappeared to check. The more informed reply was that it was the same temperature as the white – that implied chilled so I said we would go with the white. Seconds later he returned saying that the red wine was out of the fridge and so we decided on the red. When it came the temperature was perfect. Compliments to the waiter for his patience and persistence, and he also brought us an ice bucket to help chill the water even further.

This 125 seated restaurant turns out to be immensely popular with numerous repeat diners and offering staggeringly good value on the plate. Portions are very generous and so if you try it only go to share a starter if you’re real hungry.

We were and decided to have a cheese saganaki as a starter and having seen the portions coming out of the kitchen opted to share this. Without asking the saganaki was delivered with an extra plate – how’s that for service?

There is nothing swanky about the Artemis Garden – it has utilitarian but comfortable chairs, plain linen tablecloths on solid tables. My wife described it as crisp and sharp and certainly its straightforward no nonsense look would comply with her description. If I’m not careful she’ll be writing for IgoUgo herself!

The main course was presented on a straightforward white plate and to quote the oracle yet again the plates were ‘full but not overloaded’. My meat stuffed with spinach and feta was perfectly roasted with the meat breaking to the touch. It was so, so tender and extremely tasty. The meat was complemented with roast potatoes, rice (I’m never sure about that combination but the Greeks seem to like it) green beans, tomatoes, and onions. Just sufficient to satisfy a hungry man at the end of a full days reading and sunbathing.

My wife had opted for a chicken dish with a honey and orange sauce. This was very orangey (not too much, however) and the honey glaze was appropriately understated.

This was an extremely busy restaurant with tables filling as soon as they were vacated. I guess its popularity is based on its standard of quality and at a reasonable price. It's always re-assuring when you can see a full restaurant and one that is not ashamed of having its kitchen on display to its diners.

This was worth a second visit and they did not disappoint on our return – a great value restaurant
Artemis Garden Restaurant
Main Road to Lardos
Pefkos, Rhodes, Greece

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