Boulders Beach

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Boulders Beach is located near Simons Town and is known for its Jackass Penguin Colony. Part of the Table Mountain National Park, the penguins survive in a protected natural environment of beaches sheltered from the wind. The colony averages around 3000, and you can view them at close range. Constructed boardwalks take visitors within a few feet of the penguins. The African penguin is a very vulnerable species so you should be careful to avoid nesting areas. You ask why they are called Jackass Penguins? They make a donkey-like braying call that sounds just like the four footed mammal. Several species of South African Penguins make the same sound so the official name is African Penguins. They are the only example of the species that breed in Africa.

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Boulders Beach (Penguin Colony)
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