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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Eric from Aiea on June 19, 2007

When we arrived at the huge shiny lobby of the Lotte and were greeted by the girl dressed in the traditional Korean outfit, and seeing the two-story waterfall outside the plate glass window of the main bar - I was wondering if we really could afford the price that they would surely be charging us! But using my buddy’s Lotte Privilege Club card – we were able to get great rates and free breakfast at the Lotte Seoul and had a great stay at a truly spectacular hotel.
The 1,486-room Lotte Hotel Seoul is located in central city of downtown Seoul and is connected to the gigantic Lotte Mall. It is close enough to the City Hall for us to have seen one peaceful demonstration while there! The Lotte is in a lively entertainment and shopping area that is rocking with people from 11am to 11pm. It is just across the street from the shopping district of Seoul that bars vehicular traffic at night – and makes for a great walk through the upper end shopping areas.

The lobby of the hotel is really spectacular, from the wine bar to the brass and glass and marble look. The outdoor waterfall is one item that I thought was what made the main bar in the lobby just a great place – despite the drink prices.

We stayed in the boutique new wing, which is actually a separate area from the main hotel. The hotel staff will let you know that as well, being we had to check in on the 14th floor. The check in area there was incredible -- worth a visit even if you are not staying in the new wing! The rooms in the New Wing were pretty good sized, complete with computer (though with a 20 USD a day usage fee), a cell phone, full business center, heated toilets, new furniture, and one great view looking out towards central Seoul. The service was just spectacular, and we were taken very good care of by the entire staff. Now that may have been because they all knew who we were, or it may have been just routine – but it was excellent service.

The hotel has a variety of dining options to choose from. You get your choice between a buffet up stairs or the Japanese/Western buffet down at the restaurant below the first floor. Besides the 17 restaurants, the food court of the Lotte Mall offered about everything, and at a much better price than the mainstream restaurants. There is another food court at the end of the Mall by the subway entrance that has a Krispy Kreme as well as several other fast food places. There are also the reasonably priced restaurants on the 11-12th floors of the Lotte Mall – and we had some really good Corean food (as in one of the three kingdoms).

The Lotte Privilege Club card is worth applying for one if you are planning on another stay.

Lotte Hotel Seoul
Seoul, South Korea

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