The Bodies Exhibit

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by ripplefan2 on June 15, 2007

If you happen to find yourself in New York down by the South Street Seaport, I would suggest a stop over at the Bodies Exhibit. The price is a bit much ($26 a person) but the experience is totally worth it. IT IS NOT FOR THOSE WITH WEAK STOMACHES! When you first walk in, the temperature is a bit below comfortable, so dress warmly, but the thought that you are about the side workings of your own body is very over powering.

The place is extremely strange. Apparently, they take donated bodies, drain them out and soak them in a liquid polymer that refills in the body and reserves it so we can see it the way the exhibit wants it to be seen. You can find out the exact ways in which they create these corpses and their organs just by asking the people walking around who work there. Also, if you are with a group, have one person distract the guide and have the other person(s) take pictures. You aren’t allowed to take pictures, but rules were made to be broken, right? Anyway, they have different organs that have been affected by different diseases and their healthy counterparts. There is also a very unique thing, they have somehow placed two bodies facing each other where one is all bones and the other is all muscles. It is a strange sight.

Then there is a section where they have veins suspended in a water-like substance randomly positioned around the room. The veins have been dyed with color so you can really see them. It's weird. The next room is uncomfortable because it has the different stages of a fetus from day one to month 9. Then, the final room is of a human body, cut into small sections so you can see everything together. Its cool to see the whole thing chopped up like that. The last thing that the Bodies Exhibit has for you is actual bones and a brain that you can play with. After that, you collect your things, hit up the shop and then leave back into the living bodies exhibit of New York.

Bodies the Exhibit
South Street Seaport Exhibition Centre
New York, New York, 10038

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