ANDANITA Lakeview Hotel & Restaurant

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by travelogueking on June 7, 2007

I must agree with your contributor, FreeSoul, regarding the newly-opened, though semi-operational, Andanita Hotel's best location and good accommodation. I was invited by their Spa/Consultant and Facility Adviser, Ms. Weng Olifernes to experience their presidential suite named "The Maharashtra" which has an Indian Royalty motif. Though this is just to try and feel the ambiance and double-check whatever glitches that may arise in the suite, I must say this room is fit for a real royalty with it's sprawling size, having it's own dining and lounge area and a full view of Taal Lake and volcano. I have stayed at the top three leading hotels or bed and breakfast here in Tagaytay, but its size is really incomparable. They will open the rest of the rooms including the presidential suite mid-July (they have three rooms operational at this time, good luck getting a booking) but I was able to convince Ms.Olifernes to furnish me with a picture of the suite (not allowed by the management at the moment) so I can show it in the net. So take a peek. Andanita is going to be hot once it is fully operational. Try also their restaurant, also hot (literally). TAJ of Tagaytay, its an Indian Mediterranean restaurant. Thumbs up also!!
Andanita Bed & Breakfast
5059 Aguinaldo Highway
Laurel, Metro-Tagaytay

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