Andanita Lakeview Hotel & Coffeeshop

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by freesoul on June 7, 2007

We were enticed by initial reviews on the 'net so we called and inquired about the place. We were informed that the place is semi-operational and only two or three rooms are available at the moment so we tried our luck if there would be availability since it is common knowledge in Tagaytay that it's hard to find available rooms at a good and decent Tagaytay accommodation during summertime and, true enough, we have to adjust our schedule since only three rooms are running and we have to wait for a few days. We checked in late May, the view was magnificent, mountain ridges to the right, and Taal Lake and volcano on the left. We got the room called Casablanca Deluxe which is Moroccan-inspired. Their rooms, by the way, are all Indian-Mediterranean inspired. They have a fully operational Indian restaurant on top of the hotel rooms which is 24-hours. Like the hotel, their spa also is semi-operational but we managed to experienced their "Philippine Hilot" and foot reflex. Based from other reviews, foot reflex is highly recommended. Thumbs up! I hope they can finish all the rooms. They say their presidential suite called "The Maharashtra" is the biggest in town at 80m² but have yet to finish it.
Andanita Bed & Breakfast
5059 Aguinaldo Highway
Laurel, Metro-Tagaytay

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