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My friends and I decided to drive down to Chicago from our homes in Wisconsin for the Memorial Day Weekend. We got into town early Friday morning and decided that the best way to start out our weekend would be to take a tour of the city. We were told by our concierge that we could pick up the tours at the Sears Tower, so we set out to start our adventure.
When we got to the Sears Tower, we noticed that there were, in fact, two separate tour companies that picked up in front of the Skydeck entrance. Our first impressions of the two companies were very different. On one hand, there was the Chicago Trolley and Double Decker company, they had two new and expensive looking ticket booths staffed by some very sharp looking young people in clean white shirts with bright red vests. On the other hand, the competition was Grey Line. Their booth looked as though it had just washed up on shore somewhere. Their lone sales person was not a little bit disturbing. When comparing the two tour companies, the Grey Line representative continually bothered us and babbled on and on, whereas the Chicago Trolley sales agents were very helpful and polite. It goes with out saying that we chose the latter.
Our tour started aboard a double-decker vehicle. The driver introduced herself as Cassandra and was very pleasant. We then went up stairs where our tour guide, Walt, introduced himself to us and asked us where we were from. After a little good natured ribbing about the Brewers and Packers, our tour began. Walt was fantastic! He was knowledgeable and hilarious! If only my college professors were this entertaining! We rode with Walt and Cassandra until the Field Museum, where we got off to explore.
When we finished at the Field Museum, we headed back out to the tour stop. We were not waiting more than about ten minutes when another bus pulled up to pick us up. Again, the driver (I think her name was Sheila) was very nice as we boarded and found some seats on the upper level. Our new tour guide, Lorenzo, introduced himself to us in a voice that makes James Earl Jones sound like Betty Boop. Just like Walt, Lorenzo was very informative and witty with the added bonus of the coolest voice I’ve ever heard.
Very simply, our time with the Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co. was fantastic! I highly recommend them and will certainly use their company the next time I visit Chicago!
Chicago Trolley Tours
1709 South Prairie Ave (office)
Chicago, Illinois, 60658
(773) 648-5000

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