Carpe Diem Pub

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by fionademp on May 31, 2007

Carpe Diem was recommended to us in a local restaurant and I’m so glad it was. What a fabulous club. It has a variety of rooms, the main bar room, the dance floor and a couple of seating areas. We spent most the night either seated in the small gangway room, with a motorbike and sidecar in it, or on the dance floor. Good selection of rock music with some dance thrown in for good measure. Dance floor can be pretty cramped and very hot but it has a great atmosphere and people are friendly.

Drinks are the usual Polish cheapness; to be honest I can’t remember how much but know it was cheap. Watch out at the door, we got asked for ID, despite being 30, we didn’t have any and paid 50zl for two people to get in. Our friends behind us paid 50zl for six people to get in. Offer the smallest amount you have if asked to pay; they seem willing to accept whatever you offer. Think its open till 4am, that’s around when we left. If you need a snack after head across the square take the second road on the right and there’s a kebab place.

Carpe Diem Pub
ulica Florianska 33
Krakow, Poland, 31-019
+48 12 421 1451

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