The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

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Dedicated in 1982 to those who served and died in the Vietnam War, The Wall has been nicknamed "the wall that heals." Set into the ground and rising from the Lincoln Memorial end to the its plunge back into the ground at the Washington Monument end, the black granite wall is a modest and profound memorial to the Vietnam veterans, both alive and dead.

With over 58,250 names etched into the black granite, the wall constantly has people looking for and shading names of friends and family off of the wall onto paper as a reminder of their sacrifice. Perpetually lining the bottom of the wall is flowers, pictures and letters to those who lost their lives in the conflict left by friends and family.

Just to the south of the wall is another portion of the memorial, the statue and the flagpole. These are symbolic of the men and women who served and the country and they served under in that region. With excruciating attention to detail, you can almost see the sweat run off of the faces of the soldiers in the statue.

I highly suggest seeing the Vietnam War Memorial. To me it seemed so much more personal than did any of the other war memorials. Perhaps this was due to the amount of people that were stopped at the site taking it in or maybe it was the individual names, but it is a very power memorial despite the simplicity of its construction.
Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Bacon Drive and Constitution Avenue
Washington, D.C., United States
(202) 426-6841

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