U.S. Capitol Building

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While I was in D.C., I had a prearranged tour of the Capitol Building. This was very interesting. The inside is very ornate and filled with history, as well as statues. There are two statues per state on exhibit and this gives the place a museum feel to it.

If you have the time, I would also recommend observing the proceedings on the Senate Floor or the House of Representatives to see you tax dollars at work. Quite an eye-opener to say the least. You will take away a belief that any pay raise that you ever receive from that day forward is warranted after you see these groups in action. But all kidding aside, it is fascinating to watch the ceremony and tradition unfold in front of you as these timeless rituals are played out.

When you reach the Rotunda, you will notice the large pieces of artwork that signify major events in the Nation's history. Looking up, you will see the Freize, which chronologically dates the history of the continent from Columbus to the Wright Brothers as it wraps around the base of the inner dome.

In the old hall between the Rotunda and the House of Representatives Chamber notice the acoustics of the room. This was where all business took place in the early days of the U.S. and if you scan the floors, you will see brass plaques that designate where famous former members of Congress had their seats such as Lincoln and John Quincy Adams.

Walking out to the western side of the Capitol to the balcony, you will get an excellent view of the National Mall to the Lincoln Memorial, famous from pictures.

A visit to the Capitol is definitely worth the time and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting D.C.
U.S. Capitol Building
Capitol Hill
Washington, DC
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