Sacramento Zoo

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by SeenThat on May 21, 2007

I am not usually attracted to caged animals, however my visit to Sacramento was short and I couldn’t be too picky. The zoo offers plenty of educational activities for children, and I have little doubt the place has been designed and rightly so – mainly for them. Placed at a central location within the city, the zoo offered a perfect solution for my sightseeing plans. In the hour I dedicated to the place, it was impossible to study the many animals there, but the visit was a welcomed and pleasant green break within an urban experience. Its superb location near the State Capitol made reaching the zoo a breeze. An oddity telling sign of our times was the Cell-Phone Safari Tour; unluckily, lacking such a gadget I was unable to enjoy it.

The collection is divided into several categories. The cats section includes the Geoffroy’s cat, the jaguar, African lion, the margay, the snow leopard and the Sumatran tiger, which appears to be the favorite among the visitors. The primates are another big attraction of the park and include here lemurs, chimpanzees, orangutans, gibbons, and three less usual monkeys called mangabey, saki and guenon. A few giraffes, zebras, and bongos contribute to the savannah’s feeling of the place. Other mammals were in display, among them pandas, kangaroos, sloths, and hyenas.

Many colorful birds helped to diversify the visit: eagles and swans, parrots, and hornbills. The zoo appeared to give a special emphasis to frogs and toads, many of those were in display and kids seemed to be fascinated by them; lizards, snakes, and turtles made company to them. A small collection of fish was also in display.

The zoo is ordered in a friendly fashion. Cats, lemurs, and chimpanzees enjoy separated but nearby areas; birds and reptiles are placed around the mammals and the savannah animals surrounded the park. However, the main feature of the zoo is its extensive organization of activities for all ages. They include evening concerts, the Swingin’ Safari Golf Tournment, Zoovies (animal movies), reading meetings (!), and a special Ice Cream Safari. Unluckily, only those staying at town for most of the year can enjoy most of those!

Open daily - 9am to 4pm; except for special dates.
Guests may stay on Zoo grounds for 1 hour after closing time.
General Admission Weekdays: Weekdays $8.50, Weekends and Holidays: $12.

Sacramento Zoo
3930 West Land Park Drive
Sacramento, California, 95822
(916) 808-5888

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