Science Museum

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by goodtogo on May 17, 2007

This place was overrun with kids when we visited one afternoon during spring break. My 7-year-old daughter had a tough time competing to get her hands on the interactive exhibits on the main floor.

We decided to watch the IMAX movie "Hurricane on the Bayou" first. The person who ran the IMAX film gave interesting background information on the IMAX theatre prior to the show.

After the movie, we returned to the exhibits and learned about vision and "grossology" (the ickier aspects of the body that, not surprisingly, was a big hit with most kids). Some of the vision displays were quite intriguing: how so much of what we "see" is not as it is in reality since it has been interpreted by our minds.

The lower level contained a large "video game" that allowed kids to travel in space, participate in an archaeological dig, and explore the ocean. This fun *but educational* activity occupied my kid for hours! Mom liked it and learned a lot, too.

Overall, a fun visit. It's educational too but your kid won't mind. In fact, my daughter spent the ENTIRE day there (we left shortly before it closed) because she wanted to see EVERYTHING. If it's busy, it will be a tiring but worthwhile day.
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