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It seems there are sushi joints all over the place these days. Even the local supermarket sells prepared sushi.

"Authentic" sushi is hard to find. Most sushi restaurants are owned by Chinese or Koreans. If you're lucky enough to find a Japanese sushi chef, the sushi menu is usually Americanized with entries like "M-16" or "Brooklyn" rolls.

My buddy and I have traveled extensively throughout Asia, including long stints in Japan. We don't claim to be experts, but we both speak conversational Japanese. Shibuya at the MGM is pretty authentic. This was my second visit in 7 years. The wait staff actually are Japanese. They have a pretty good selection of tempura (agemono or deep-fried items), hibachi (griddle cooked meats and veggies prepared in front of you), udon (noodles and soups), and of course sushi and sashimi (raw fish).

On my previous visit, we had hibachi dinners. (the cooking performance was quite entertaining). I'll keep this review to the quality of the raw stuff, as the other cooked foods are hard to mess up. Firstly, a restaurant with a respectable sake menu can't be that bad. If you go, try some sake hot or cold! Don't be afraid to ask the waiter for advice.

My buddy and I ordered a range of sushi/sashimi items. We didn't order anything too exotic because the wives aren't into conch, or octopus. You can get different cuts of tuna: Maguro (regular, almost white tuna) or toro (fatty tuna, dark red meat). Toro, of course, is tastier.

With sushi, freshness is king. Shibuya does not disappoint. The tuna, salmon, yellowtail were exquisite. The eel (unagi), like the raw, had no trace of fishiness. The nori-maki (seaweed rolls) were elegant and tasty. In Japan, the chefs put a dab of wasabi on the rice ball before laying a slice of fish on top. Again, Shibuya did the rice balls perfectly.

Traditionally, soy sauce blends are as varied as balsamic vinegar. I was mildly disappointed that Shibuya basically only had regular or Kikkoman lite soy. Hey, you don't have to be a sushi snob or Japanese expert to enjoy a good meal, right?

You can't go wrong (or get sick) at Shibuya.
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