Atoll Reef

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by writeonthespot on May 3, 2007

We wanted to go to the Shark Aquarium but with the wave of bodies that are shoulder to shoulder, we were led to the Atoll Reef. This one is different. Unlike the glass tunnel that other aquariums have, the Atoll Reef literally takes you to the deep. Upon entrance, we were greeted by a giant pool with a small man-made island in the center. We then took the stairs a floor below to view the fishes and turtles. This occurred several times until we came to about four floors under. We saw manta rays and colorful fishes as well as yellow and blue corals and starfishes.

But the main attraction there was the 80-year old and seven-foot long Giant Grouper and the Napolean Fish. There are over 2,000 fishes there and the new species are the Sea Angel and the Bowmouth Guitarfish. At the walls were mini-aquariums that displayed small fishes like the clown fish and fragile sea corals and sea plants. Children enjoyed seeing the marine life and the blue water. Flashes of camera light up everywhere as visitors tried to capture the beauty of the deep.

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