Sky Fair

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by writeonthespot on May 3, 2007

From afar, the colorful Ocean Park balloon could be spotted soaring higher to the sky. The SkyFair Balloon lifts to over 100 meters from the ground. It has a similar build with the DHL balloon which we took in Singapore. A number of colorful balloons are also in display at the Ocean Park ground although they do not soar to the sky. Every now and then clowns on stilts or blowing bubbles come out to meet the guests. They also perform some entertaining shows to the delight of the kids.

Several souvenir shops were found within the SkyFair grounds. Food and drinks were also sold near the balloon area. Since there were tables and chairs nearby, visitors take a rest and watch from the food area as the balloon rise while music was being played in the background. The SkyFair was not as rowdy as the other attractions and since it was the one nearest to the entrance, we spent time there while waiting for the agreed time of meeting with group tour members. The SkyFair is also near the Panda Habitat, the Grand Prix and the Cable Car Plaza.

Ocean Park
Ocean Park Road Aberdeen
Hong Kong, 4000039
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