Escalator at Ocean Park

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by writeonthespot on May 3, 2007

The Ocean Park Escalator was probably the longest escalator ride I’ve ever taken. We were supposed to take the cable car back to the lowland to get there in time for our tour group agreed time of meeting. But with the long queue, an announcement was made that visitors should instead take the bus ride from Tai Shue Wan entrance to the main entrance. But to get to the entrance, we had to go down via an escalator. Coming from the lowland via the cable car, I didn’t have any idea how long it was. The escalator has a vertical rise of 115 meters from the ground but its total length is 225 meters because it has four sections. From the top, it will take you to Pacific Pier then another escalator ride to the Mine Train.

The next section took us to the Raging River and the last section led us to the Bird Paradise. The longest among the four sections, I think, was the first section. But whichever section it is, the longest section is said to be 63.5 meters long. What made taking the escalator interesting aside from connecting us to other parts of Ocean Park were the photo galleries that featured about Ocean Park and about the history of Hong Kong. While descending the escalator, we got a view of the ports. We also passed by the Mine Train which is also like a roller coaster ride. We saw the New Ocean Park Exhibition Hall with the Middle Kingdom Restaurant that looked like a Chinese palace. Then the Bird Paradise featured beautiful flower and plant arrangements. Overall, the Ocean Park escalator ride was a fun thing after all far from the boring concept I had in mind. And even when there are so many people, I’m just glad that it’s moving smoothly.

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