Moab Brewery

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Wasatch on April 29, 2007

Long time Moab visitors will recall Fat City, the only eating place in town deserving a recommendation, but it is now closed. The owner/chef went into catering. So that leaves the new Moab Brewery as the top BBQ candidate, and in many respects, it is up to the challenge, but there are flaws, big ones, as well, like the pedestrian $6.50 burger and coleslaw that loses the taste test to milk-soaked cardboard.

On the bright side, the smoked chicken and beef are excellent. Both have a nice smoked flavor and the beef, sensibly tri-tip rather than the ubiquitous, dried out brisket, is outstanding. Chicken and beef are served with a fine BBQ sauce on the side.

Ribs, after the chicken and beef, were a let down; dry and chewy, albeit nicely flavored.

The excellent BBQ sauce is commendably served on the side with the chicken and beef but regrettably, the ribs are drowned in it. I used the chicken and beef to mop up the excess sauce on the ribs, which turned out to be enough for all three meats on the combo platter.

Onion rings are supurb but they gave me indigestion all night long. That’s because I’m allergic to onions, but every now and then I break down and do something foolish like order onion rings. Actually, I finally did get sleep about 2am when I remembered to take a triple dose of allergy pills. I relate my stomach distress so that you understand when I say I would order these onion rings again, I’m doing so at peril to my health, that’s how good they are.

Starters with the dinners, but not the hamburger, were a nondescript romaine salad and a good baked roll.

Servings are very large.

Service was surprisingly fast and friendly.

Eight beers and ales, brewed on the premises, are offered. We had Derailleur Ale because the waiter said this amber ale came closest to being a dark beer. It was good enough that we ordered it again the next night in another local restaurant that carried it.

The Bottom Line: stick to the smoked chicken or beef and onion rings, avoid the coleslaw, and you will have a fine meal, the best we’ve found in Moab.
Moab Brewery
686 S Main Street
Moab, Utah
(435) 259-6333

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