Market Square

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by melissabowman on April 26, 2007

“Mini Mexico”, that’s how I would begin to describe Market Square. With all things Mexico, it is bright, bold, and beautiful. You are sure to find all sorts of unique and authentic treasures from Mexico. Market Square is also filled with shopping, dinning, and entertainment experiences.

Inside the main shopping center are several little shops and food stops. There are all sorts of things like dresses, bags, hats, souvenirs, and many other little knickknacks to the big stuff that you would find on the streets of a border Mexican city. This shopping center actually reminded me a lot of shopping in Tijuana. Also, inside this shopping center is a huge open area with tables and plenty of room to just hang out and eat or enjoy the entertainment. With so much in one place, you could spend the day here.

Outside are several restaurants, hotels, and other little shops. On our trip, there was a stage set up and a band playing music and giving away all sorts of free stuff. After walking around for a while, we worked up an appetite and decided to eat at a little place there in the middle, called Mi Tierra. Getting to this place was a little bit of a challenge with all the people.

I guess with Spring Break, and it being a weekend, it was a little more crowded than normal. There were people everywhere. However, it made the experience just a little bit more fun.

If San Antonio itself is not enough culture and history, then you will love Market Square, it is like a little bit of Mexico right smack in the middle of San Antonio. Parking is a little bit of a problem in this are simply because there is just nowhere to park because of its location. On a busy weekend it is going to be hard. The good thing though is that you should not have to walk far to find something, but once you do and you get there, you will forget about how far the walk was.
El Mercado-Market Square
514 West Commerce Street
San Antonio, Texas, 78207
(210) 207-8600

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