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London is the theatre capital of the world. It's one thing to read a tag line like that in a guidebook, but it's when you try to decide what play or musical to watch that you begin to realize how true it is. At any given time, there are perhaps forty or fifty plays and musicals being advertised in popular media; and I'm certain that doesn't yet include student plays! In tube stations, there are more advertisements for plays and musicals than there are for television programmes or films. Londoners really are a theatre-going people.

We wanted to watch at least one play on this trip to London and, through some Internet research, I was able to find details about a very well-reviewed off-West End play at the Bush Theatre called "Tom Fool," an English translation of a German play called "Mensch Meier." The story revolves around a working class German family trying to make ends meet in the 1970s.

Trying to find the Bush Theatre was a bit of a challenge. We got out of Shepherd's Bush tube station and asked around, but people didn't seem to know what the Bush Theatre was. Two people pointed us to a cinema, and with a bit of hunting, we finally found the nondescript door to the theatre two buildings past the cinema, next to a noisy pub.

From the posters in the theatre lobby, we found out that the Bush Theatre was where many famous movie actors and actresses started, including Kate Beckinsale, Paul Bettany, and Alan Rickman.

"Tom Fool" began at 8pm. The acting was absolutely brilliant; the script and story were excellent. It was definitely worth the £15 we had paid per person.

To find out the ongoing plays in the Bush Theatre, check out their website at http://www.bushtheatre.co.uk
Bush Theatre
Shepherds Bush Green
London, England, W12 8QD
+44 (20) 7 610-4224


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