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IKEA is IKEA. What can I say. IKEA is the same no matter which one you go to, which is one of the great things about it. IKEA is great, and if you have never been you must go. It is a store with a variety of home furnishings and decorations, of which most are fairly simple and basic. This means that they shouldn't go out of style. Most items are fairly inexpensive which makes this place great for students and people just starting out. Some of the wall hanging and pictures are a little more pricey for the better ones, but well worth the price. The Calgary IKEA is in the Southeast part of the city, located conveniently right off the Deerfoot (#2 highway). There is ample parking.

When you enter IKEA you grab a cart and take the elevator upstairs to start. There are many different rooms laid out to shop possible design/decorating ideas. Grab one of the many pencils/papers available and mark down where to find items you are interested in (each item will have a tag that includes the price and where you can find the item). Make sure you write down the locations of furniture as it will save you lots of time trying to figure it out later or having to go back to the other end of the store to get the number. Throughout the building there are several children's entertainment spots to keep them busy while you shop. Follow the arrows on the floor as the path is a winding one and you want to go with the flow of traffic to avoid accidents.

IKEA has a large amount of furniture, bedding, kitchen supplies, pillows, vases, pictures, etc, etc, etc from which to choose. Plan to spend several hours if you have never been to an Ikea. On the ground floor, just before the exit it a large area that has rows and rows of the boxed furniture that requires assembly. The check-out is a do -it- yourself packing system which has free tape/string/paper by the exit doors to wrap up any breakables.

It also has a catalog and you can order online. But be warned not all items can be purchased online and delivered. Ordering online also means you miss out on the experience of going to IKEA. Everyone I know loves going to IKEA so if you haven't been you are missing out.

8000 11 Street SE
Calgary, Alberta, T2H 3B2
(403) 273-4338


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