The Rock

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The Upper Rock is must-see when visiting Gibraltar, the ticket includes entry to a number of attractions and the nature reserve itself, with its awe-inspiring views and roaming packs of Barbary Apes. If you're fit enough to do a mile or two of downhill walking, the cable car trip is the best way to see the Upper Rock. Alternatively, taxis are more expensive but reasonably good, there are organised excursions on buses, or you can walk or drive yourself for a small fee. The half-mile long cable lift ride is in itself a pleasure, lifting you up 350 metres to a viewing station on one of the highest peaks of the Rock, giving spectacular views of the town and bay of Gibraltar and over to Spain and Morocco. There aren’t many places where you can see three countries on two different continents.

The road down into town passes the Apes’ Den and St Michael’s Cave – both worth visiting. Further on you will find the Great Siege Tunnels and World War II tunnels, vast networks of passages carved inside the Rock and perhaps the most ingenious defence system devised by man. The Great Siege tunnels were built in the 18th century to enable guns to be placed on the North face of the Rock, outflanking the Spanish advance, entry is free and very much worth a quick look. The WW2 tunnels are run by a separate company and are reviewed separately, but are also highly recommended.

Rock of Gibraltar (Top of the Rock)

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