Kerala Backwaters

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Kerala backwaters are one of the most enchanting attractions of India. I had read a lot on this and was eagerly waiting to see the backwater beauty of Kerala. I landed in Kerala on November 10, 2006 and straightaway got to Alleppey, which is famous for its backwater resources. Alleppey is popularly known as the "Venice of the East" and is famous for its backwater stretches. I also enjoyed the backwater cruise on the famous houseboats. These heritage houseboats are designed in such a luxurious way, that we are always at ease. I actually hired a travel agent Shubh Yatra and it made my trip much easier. I had my dinner that night and that too in the typical Kerala style.

The next day I headed to Kumarakom, which is another backwater destination. I also visited the famous Kumarakom bird sanctuary, which houses some of the rarest bird species. Actually the day in Kumarakom was a bit hot, but the cool breeze from the backwaters was a huge relief. We also had some boating in Kumarakom and after that we left for Cochin. Cochin is the commercial hub of Kerala and also has a fair amount of backwater stretches. After visiting some of the major destinations of Cochin, I left home, carrying some unique memories...

The Kerala Backwaters
Malabar Coast
Kerala, India

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