Wo Hop

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by fireygrl on March 26, 2007

Wo Hop is a must for people visiting the Big Apple from out of town. The place is practically a landmark! Don't expect anything special when you walk up Mott Street to the restaurant. All you will find is a staircase leading down and people lined up on it all the way out into the street.

How it works - You get in line and eventually get the chance to let the waiters know how many in your party. The place is tiny so you won't even make it inside to wait. A waiter will pop a head out the door and yell a number if you have that many in your party and are nearest to the bottom of the steps you are in.

The food is so cheap. You can order a zillion dishes and when the check comes be shocked at how little it cost. Try the cold sesame noodles, beef with snow peas over noodles, and sweet and pungent chicken. All are delicious.

This isn't a place to linger... the decor consists of mirrors and signed head shots of people no one knows. Even if you had what to look at you still couldn't linger. You can't help but feel bad as you watch the people waiting outside... noses pressed against the window waiting for your table.

I wouldn't recommend driving, you will be stuck in China town traffic and lucky if you find a spot 6 blocks away. If you are visiting the city take a cab or the subway to Canal and walk up Mott.

This is a fun place for kids, they can keep their elbows on the table all they want! I go to Wo Hop about once a month with my entire family and it's worth the drive from the outer boroughs, worth the looking for parking, and worth the line outside. A must go in my book.
Wo Hop
17 Mott Street
New York, New York, 10013
(212) 267-2536


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