Fire & Ice Restaurant

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by fireygrl on March 24, 2007

Fire and Ice is a great all you can eat restaurant with a twist. The place is fun and funky, and always has a great vibe going. While you wait for your table upstairs you can grab a drink at the bar.

Once upstairs and seated, grab a place and head for the food bar. Fill your place up with noodles, vegetables, seafood, meat, and/or chicken. Grab a sauce and head for the circular hibachi. You can even get a big burger cooked too. Hang out at the hibachi and watch as the cooks stir fry your food (or grill your huge burger). Last time I was there you were even able to grab a beer while you waited for you food to be cooked.

You will definitely have a blast and walk out completely full and satisfied.

I recommend this restaurant for adults and children (kids should be supervised while making their plates). The atmosphere is fun, full of all sorts of people and loads of college kids. I make it my business to eat here every time I come to Boston!
Fire + Ice Restaurant
205 Berkeley Street
Boston, Massachusetts, 02116
(617) 482-3473

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