Historic Durbar Square

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Durbar Square is a historic cultural heritage of Kathmandu. It is about 15 minutes walk stretch. But you will find numerous things to see and do in that 15 minute walk. It actually starts from Bishal Bazaar Supermarket at New Road.

As you enter the cobblestone-covered street towards Basantapur, you will find numerous Nepali handicrafts shopping stores and eateries on either sides of the street. There is also sort of flee market in small carts, and the most interesting one is the vendors who sell "Momos", a Nepali style dumplings. They taste very good but you need to be careful about your health. You might get sick of food poison.

As you walk further you will see a wide open area called Basantapur where more street vendors have their handicrafts laid on the ground for sale. Beware! You might get ripped off. You need to bargain a lot.

If you turn left, is the famous Freak Street also known as “Jhochen” clearly pronounced as “Jho-chey”, heaven for hippies some time in the past. You will find lots of good restaurants and bars in that street.

Right across Basantapur is the royal palace “Durbar Square” which is a white building looking totally different than other buildings around. Now it is a museum which is accessible for some entrance fee. There you will find history of the royal families.

You will also find the home of the living god "Kumari", Lord Shiva and Parvati Temple, Kasthamandap Temple (made up from a single giant tree), Lord Ganesh Temple, Lord Kaal Bhairav Temple, statue of Monkey God (Hanuman), small Pasupathianth Tample, The Big Bell, and many other artistic temples in the vicinity.

Now due to the growing population in Kathmandu, this place is always so crowded. Plenty of shops to shop around. You always need to make sure that you bargain if you want to buy anything. It is recommended to be there during festivals like Indra Jatra, Ghai Jatra (Cow Festival), Ghode Jatra (Horse Festival), Bada Dashain if you really want to catch a glance of the essence of some cool Nepalese festivals.

If you want to know about the culture of Kathmandu, this place is highly recommended to visit.
Durbar Square

Kathmandu, Nepal


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