Washington Monument

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The Washington Monument along with other memorials, monuments, and the US Capitol form the Mall. The tallest structure in the District of Columbia at 550 feet, there is an elevator that takes visitors to the observation level at 500 feet.

Planning your Visit
When starting to plan your trip to Washington, D.C., planning your visit to the Washington Monument is critical if you are intending to go to the top. During the tourist high season, from approximately March through September one can expect to have a hard time in obtaining tickets. Your best bet is to plan what day and time you will specifically visit the Washington Monument. Then when you have figured this out you will want to book tickets. Go to the National Park Service Reservations website to check dates and availability. After doing so you will be able to reserve your free tickets. However, as there will be a small service charge to process your reservation. You can than pick up your tickets from the Washington Monument ticket booth will call window.

If the dates or times you want are not available, you still have one more option. Starting at 8:30am you can pick up free same day tickets completely from the ticket booth. Be advised that lines can be long during the more tourist congested months and tickets will run out if you get there too late.

Visiting the Monument
After securing your ticket, you will probably have a little bit of time before getting into line. Take a moment and walk around the monument on the circular sidewalk. Heading up to the base of the monument you will see brown wooden signs that display a time on it. There will be at least two lines, so make sure you get in the correct one. Go ahead and get in line, shortly a park ranger will be along to brief your group and collect tickets. After that, you will enter the monument, clear security and get in line for the elevator.

At the top you will have ample opportunities to look in each cardinal direction at the famous sights of Washington, D.C. There are two windows in each direction and at each window is a description of what you are seeing out of the window. In the early morning, do be careful when looking out the window, as condensation forms around the window and you could wind up with a soaked head.

After taking in your various sites of D.C., head towards the stairs to the 490 foot level. This is where you will wait for the elevator back down. While you are waiting feel free to visit the gift shop. Yes, there is actually a gift shop 490 feet in the air in the Washington Monument! The elevator will take approx. three minutes to return to the ground level.

Have a great time on your visit to the Washington Monument!
Washington Monument
Near the Center of the National Mall
Washington, D.C., 20024
(202) 426-6841


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