Royal Ontario Museum

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Digiri on March 13, 2007

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is worth a visit every time you go to Toronto. The exhibits change regularly and reflect a wide variety of interests (

Note: If you happen to be visiting with a local resident who wants to sign up for a membership, you can sign up as a non-resident for a year’s membership for $77 dollars (forcing the resident to pay) and then assign your second card to them. If the local had signed up for a normal year's membership, they would have had to pay $99. Twenty dollar savings plus you can visit anytime you come to town AND there are cross museum memberships benefits. For example, I can now visit the Vancouver Art Gallery for free!

The key exhibit this trip was the Lost Treasures of Peru. Don't you find that those ancient people were awfully careless with their treasures? They are always losing stuff. The exhibit was an artful display of gold and jewelry left within the tomb of a Sican ruler. Sicans pre-date the Incans and were masters of gold work.

The dazzling array of headdresses and crowns prompted us to guess which crown was for what type of regal activity. The wave crown was for jaunts on the royal yacht, the bat crown for visiting the nursery (gotta terrify the kids), and the deity headdress for Sunday trips to church.

My regular haunt when I visit the museum is the court of Chinese sculpture with the gallery of Chinese Temple Art. This large collection of Buddha and Bodhisattva's statues is my inspiration to visit Buddha wherever I am (see my Hong Kong trip for my biggest Buddha yet).
Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queen's Park
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 2C6
(416) 586-8000

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